It’s no secret that some towns and cities are going full-bore on the push to turn SF neighborhoods into multi-unit zones under the guise of creating ‘more housing choices’. Some states have basically eradicated SF zoning altogether.

This issue has little or nothing to do with ‘ethics’ and yet, here we are. This project was spearheaded by none other than Jason Sorens, FSP founder who works with the “Center for Ethics”. Some see this as an attack on the middle class and on the NH Advantage. Could this effort be to make it easier to target towns that want to preserve SINGLE FAMILY ZONING?

Here is the event unveiling the Zoning Atlas:

Housing and the NH Office of Planning and Development, on May 9th, 2023 (8:00 am – 10:15 am) as we launch the New Hampshire Zoning Atlas, the result of a 16-month effort to research, catalog, digitize, and graphically display all of New Hampshire’s zoning regulations, community-by-community, district-by-district.

The NH Zoning Atlas has the potential to be a valuable tool for researchers, policy-makers, planners, community leaders, builders and developers, advocates, and others to understand NH’s zoning, as well as to stimulate a statewide discourse about the ways in which zoning in our communities – both individually & collectively – affects housing supply & affordability.

The launch will include a presentation of the atlas, a panel discussion, and remarks from special guests, including Sara Bronin (U.S. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and founder of the National Zoning Atlas).

We hope you will join us for this exciting event, which will be held in the NHIOP Auditorium. Breakfast is included.

This is a hybrid event, offered both in-person and online.

To learn more: